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A new phase of the Internet, digitization, social media, and online activities has started all over the world since the beginning of the 21st century, and these days many job oriented courses like PG Diploma courses in Management, IT, Engineering, Diploma in Marketing and Public Relations. , PG Diploma in Advertising and Communication, Certificate courses in Finance, E-Commerce are available online.

Similarly, competition in the job market is continuously increasing all over the world, due to which the importance of online job oriented courses has increased significantly. It is also a pleasure for us that many online job courses are available free of cost in India these days too and most online courses are about 25% to 50% cheaper than the cost of regular bachelor courses or distance education courses.

free online courses for getting a job

The digital economy is rapidly developing and operating in the country and world, which is providing employment to a large number of young professionals. Nowadays young professionals are earning attractive salary packages from digital and online fields. Therefore, if you also do an online job oriented course, then your career goals can also be easily achieved.

These days a lot of online job-oriented courses – diplomas, certificates, and PG diplomas – are available for students and professionals in India. Young Indian students and professionals can get the desired job by joining the best online course according to their interests, skill-set, and talent.

If you are also a professional or student who wants to join a good and effective course to achieve your job goal, then in this article we are presenting information about some of the best free online job-oriented courses for you. . By joining these courses, you will be able to increase your professional skills and then, you can get many good job offers.

The social media marketing course

Who is not familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatapp, and YouTube these days. Crores of people around the world use these social media platforms 24×7 daily. These social media platforms are proving a boon for students and professionals too these days.

Likewise, social media marketing is proving to be the latest and most effective tool of business promotion for professionals and business persons in the country and the world. Therefore, you can also join a suitable online course free of cost in social media marketing.

Networking course

Due to the ever-increasing use of computers, mobile, and digital gadgets in our daily life, there is also a growing demand for networking professionals who provide internet connectivity for these gadgets. So nowadays all companies and institutes from technical leaders like HCL and HP to digital start-ups are looking for professionals who can manage their digital set up easily.

The networking course is, in effect, a short-term course of three months. Under this, graduate candidates can do Python, Perl, and Ruby (Scripting Language), Certificate PC Hardware and Networking, Certificate in Network Administration or Diploma in Computer Applications and Network Administration. They should have computers and logical skills.

Graphic designing course

Graphic designers mainly work to create all the infographics on the best cover pages, magazines, newspapers, or social media. If any magazine looks very attractive at first sight, then it shows the talent of the graphic designer. There is immense potential for a skilled graphic designer to progress in jobs and careers.

Graduate candidates can work as Creative Director, Logo Designer, Visual Image Developer, Interface Designer, Art Production Manager in any company by completing a 3 – 4 month graphic designing course. To join this course, you must have the creativity and basic computer skills.

Web designing course

In today’s new era, everyone wants to create their own website to create their own special identity and place on the Internet. Graduate candidates who have a computer and logical skillset, you will gain complete knowledge and skills to create new and professional websites by taking a short-term course in web designing.

Apart from working in this field, you can also start your profession or you can earn money by working on freelancing. After a few years of work experience, the candidates earn up to 50 thousand rupees monthly after working in this field.

Programming language courses

Nowadays software and applications have become an integral part of our lives. In our country’s digital economy, the importance of software engineers has increased significantly. If you also want to prepare software and applications, you can do programming language courses.

There are many institutes in our country that offer short-term courses in software development and programming. If you are a graduate in IT or computer science and are an expert in coding, then you can choose any programming language like – ASP, NET, JAVA, C, C ++, in which you think you are comfortable.

Content writing course

Now there is a great demand for professional content writers who understand the interests and needs of readers. Undergraduate/graduate candidates can do this course and after doing this course, candidates can earn well through marketing targeted content, SCO related content, viral content, or video script writing. For this, you should have complete knowledge of your writing language and you must have the quality of creativity.

Animation course

Nowadays one of the favorite online courses is also an animation course. Advertising companies after doing this course. In the cartoon and cinema industries as well as other digital fields, you can easily earn a good job by getting a job to the best of your ability. To do this course, you must have the creativity and basic computer skills.

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