Positive body language is key to success in job interview

Do you know that our body also interacts which is called body language? Of course, your body language can enhance or spoil your personality. In the competitive job market nowadays, it is not enough just to get the job you want because of the impressive quality and qualifications, because the interviewers are experts in understanding the body language of their future candidates, and by understanding your body language, they are within the first few minutes during the interview You decide to hire or reject you.

If you want to succeed in your interview, then you will have to make proper improvements in your body language to maintain your positive and confident impression. In fact in a stressful situation your blood pressure increases, your breath becomes abnormal and your legs start trembling. Sometimes your mouth starts to dry and your forehead starts sweating.

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Uncomfortable body position not only expresses your nervousness but also people coming in contact with it start feeling tense. How can you improve your natural body language? In this article, we are discussing some important points of negative and positive body language to help you.

Negative body language

You should have the following points to understand the negative body language, attention:

  • Folded arms as in front.
  • Expressions of tension on the face.
  • Turning the body from your side to the other side.
  • Unable to talk with eyes opened.
  • Movement of any part or whole body without reason.

Positive body language

The following points can be included in this:

  • Unfolded arms.
  • Keep the body straight.
  • Peace and calmness on the face.
  • Talking to the person in front of you with your eyes.
  • Keeping the body stable and stress-free.

Your smile is also often positive

In fact, a smile is your greatest asset. Your smile shows your caution and alertness towards the interviewees. This also shows that you are optimistic and you have a lot of hope for the current job. A true smile is easy to identify and introduces your real personality to the interviewer. A true smile increases your comfort level with the interviewer and increases your chances of getting an associated job.

Your eyes are also an important part of body language

This is the old saying, ‘Your eyes are the window to your soul’. This saying proves to be perfectly true about job interviews. Usually, the interviewer can understand your confidence level and your job level with the job for which you are interviewing. Therefore, when you go to give a job interview, look at the interviewer from time to time, and keep your point. It is believed that when people constantly look and talk, they are often honest and telling the truth.

Avoid ‘Raging Fingers’

While discussing with the interviewer, avoid using this method as far as possible, because by doing this, they may consider you as an unprofessional or unsatisfied person. Apart from this, keeping your point by raising fingers may change your discussion with the interviewer.

Handshake and hand gestures are also important

Shaking hands is an activity where you make your contact with the interviewer initially and the interviewer gets to know your confidence level. When shaking hands with the interview panel, you should never shake hands loosely or rigidly. This can lead to speculation about your cowardice or dominating nature towards other people.

If you shake hands with full warmth then your chances of getting that job increase greatly. The right way to join hands is to keep the fingers of your hand straight and make an angle of 45 ° with the thumb of your hand. Then, shake hands warmly with the person in front.

Similarly, you can make your point or argument more effective by making hand gestures while placing your point during the interview.

The right way to sit is also important

The interviewer detects your level of attentiveness and confidence by the way you sit. When they ask you to sit, you sit in front of them in a straight and comfortable manner. But while sitting, make sure that you do not see a statue. Along with this, if you sit down in your chair, your nervousness and low self-esteem are also revealed.

Your leg pose in body language

Another important aspect of your body language is your ‘leg posture’. Constantly shaking legs distracts and your nervousness is revealed in front of the interviewer. Therefore, sit upright and keep your legs together and steady.

Your restlessness shows negative body language

If you touch your face during a job interview or play with your hair, then immediately quit this habit. The job interview is a formal setup and therefore your behavior and body language should only reveal this. If you will be more restless then it will feel like you are not paying attention to the things of your interviewer. Your interviewer may consider this to be your unprofessional and unsubstituted behavior, which may reduce your chances of getting a job.

Some effective tips to improve your body language

The biggest challenge in relation to body language is that body language is natural or habitual and hence in a few days, it can neither be learned well nor can be changed. Now we are giving some points for your convenience, by taking care of which you can continuously improve your body language and improve your personality. Let’s read further:

  1. Along with your ways of getting up, sitting, walking, and standing in front of the mirror or mirror, keep checking the facial expressions as well.
  2. On looking in the mirror, practice continuously to remove the gaps in your body language or the normal activities of your body.
  3. From your parents, friends, and relatives too, you can know their opinion about your body language and then try your best to make necessary improvements in it.
  4. Always keep your body posture and head straight and relaxed.
  5. Shake hands with other people (handshake).
  6. While talking, keep good eye contact with the person or other people.
  7. Do not touch your face or hair without reason.
  8. Do not move your hands or feet or other parts of the body without reason.
  9. By paying attention to other people’s body language, you can follow their good gestures and ignore their strange expressions.

Due to the increasing competition in the job market, it is difficult to achieve success in job interviews, but your impressive body language can help you succeed in this challenge so that you can achieve your dream job. Therefore, from today on, try to get into the habit of impressive body language so that during your next job interview, you can influence your interviewer through your positive body language.

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