SBI PO General Knowledge Section Preparation Strategy 2021

The notification of SBI Probationary Officer 2021 is likely to be released soon and it is expected that all of you have already started preparing for the biggest banking recruitment exam of the year for the country’s largest commercial bank. General knowledge is a section in which you can score better by continuous effort and study. In this article, we will focus on the general awareness class in Bank Probationary officer 2021.

In-State Bank of India PO examination, general knowledge is of 40 marks and it comes in mains exam. It includes the following topics:

Topical Affairs: In the General Knowledge section, topical matters play an important role in the Mains examination. To score well in this section you need to know the topical matters of the last 6 months very well.

Static GK: This is an important part of this section. You should have a good grasp of all the questions related to it. For example currency and capitals of countries, thermal power stations in India, national parks and sanctuaries in India, temples in India, India Stadium, etc. These questions test your knowledge and retention ability.

Economy and Banking: The questions in this section are mostly simple and straightforward. To know the answers to the given questions, you need to know the basics of banking and the Indian economy. Information about the Indian economy can be obtained from any standard banking awareness book and internet or any standard book for bank exams. This will serve your purpose.

SBI Probationary Officer GK Tips

Probationary Officer 2021: How to get better marks in General Knowledge

The only way to get good marks in general knowledge is to first study and repeat all the facts before going to the actual examination. Before going to the exam, pay attention to the following topics:

Study current topics regularly

Regularly studying current topics will generate a desire to know other subjects as well. If you start your day with current affairs, you will be able to focus your attention on other subjects very easily. Study the current affairs of the last 6 months and repeat them again and again.

Static GK and economy should also be studied daily

For this, you should select a standard book and study the chapters on banking and the economy from there. For static general knowledge, you should take the previous years paper and also know its facts through internet-related information. You can write it down and repeat it when you get time.

Pay attention to maximum revision

In this case, you need the ability to remember more correctly than practice. There is a lot of information that you need to keep in your mind more than ever. Finish the first phase of the study as soon as possible and then repeat all the subjects before going to the actual examination.

No more time is required to solve all the questions of General Knowledge class provided you have the knowledge to solve the questions correctly. Therefore, it is important to repeat the content repeatedly for both these subjects. Practice mock test for success.

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