A New Way Of learning, Swayam Prabha DTH Channels

There are some DTH channels under the Swayam Prabha Group itself, through which students can study at home. To know more about this, you can read this article and then study well at your home.

Many educational resources around the world have proved that students learn their lessons well through various types of audio-visual aids. In earlier times, in our country, teachers used to teach all subjects including science, maths to students in their classrooms by writing chalk on black-board or drawing diagrams and students also used important topics of all their subjects to decorate their classrooms.

Used to prepare charts, now in this internet, online and digital era, teaching techniques have also undergone revolutionary changes. Nowadays, smart boards have replaced blackboards in our country’s classrooms, and now students prepare various digital projects instead of charts. In such a situation, under the direction of the Government of India, all schools, colleges, and universities of the country are also giving priority to providing education through digital technology to their students.

Till today, 3–4 decades ago, TV telecasts were shown on some important chapters for school students on Doordarshan, the prime channel of our country. But now, with the changing times, when TV is available on your smartphone too, important Direct to Home (DTH) channels in the country are also providing free of cost education to the students studying in various schools, colleges, and universities in India. So that students can get an education at their home as per their convenience.

A New Way Of learning, Swayam Prabha DTH Channels

Free DTH Channel for Student Education in India

According to an important initiative of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, 32 ‘Direct to Home’ (DTH) channels in our country telecast high-quality educational programs for all students studying in various schools and colleges in the country on a 24×7 basis. For which GSAT-15 satellite is being used.

Here we also want to tell you that in this e-learning resource, every day 4 hours of new learning content is telecasted for the students, which is repeated 5 times daily so that the students can fulfill their educational subject as per their convenience.

You can benefit from that learning program by watching telecasts related to The e-learning portal that prepares the country’s renowned educational institutions – UGC, IGNOU, IITs, CEC, NCERT, NPTEL, and NIOS Educational Content. This web portal is being maintained by INFLIBNET Center.

Special Points of Swayambha DTH Channels

Here we are giving you the details of special points of various channels of Prabha Group itself so that you can take full advantage of various educational telecasts of this DTH channel group:

The telecast of Important Topics for Higher Education – All these DTH channels telecast educational programs on the important topics of Science, Arts, Commerce, Social Sciences, Engineering, Technology, Law, Medicine, Agriculture, Performing Arts and Humanities. Even the platform is being prepared for MOOC courses.

Education for 9th – 12th class – These channels along with teaching and learning aids modules for teachers teaching 9th to 12th class students in the school also help the school students understand all their subjects and prepare for competitive exams. Various educational programs telecast.

Curriculum-Based Courses – Programs for school students based on their curriculum are also telecast.

Special telecasts for 11th and 12th classes Through these DTH educational programs, students of 11th and 12th class can prepare for various competitive examinations.

Key channels of Swayam Prabha Group

The question that must be arising in your mind is that on which DTH channels you can see these educational programs, then here we are presenting a list of the major channels of Prabha Group itself:

These channels are being managed by CEC, New Delhi

  • Vagish
  • Sanskriti
  • Parbodh
  • Saraswat
  • Parbodhan

NPTEL – For Subjects like Engineering, Science, Social Science, Electronics

Other channels

  • Gyanamrit – NIOS
  • Teacher Education – IGNOU and NIOS
  • Kautilya – CEC / UGC
  • Aryabhata – CEC / UGC
  • Vidhik – CEC / UGC
  • IIT Pal – IIT, Delhi

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